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~ ~ July 9th 2018 ~ ~
Our headliner:
~ ~ What happened this week... ~ ~
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

Great to see quite a few familiar faces we hadn't seen since our final weeks at The Coach & Horses, so a huge welcome to Aaron Curtis, Tony Myers, Bo, Richard Stenhouse and pleasantly surprised to see Drumslayer Marc Turner after a very long absence. On a hot and steamy evening our houseband guest Emanuele Fizzotti got us off to a good start by playing a very cool and tasteful opening set - although my fingers are still not up to speed for playing "Killing Floor" and Freddie King's instrumental "Sen-Sa-Shun" - but for once I did manage to stand on my own two feet throughout rather than being perched up on a stool or sitting on my bass amp!

As a long-time admirer of Emanuele Fizzotti I was very eager to invite him to guest at our new venue and as expected he didn't disappoint, starting with "Bring It On Home" (the Willie Dixon number), "Blow Wind Blow" and "Key To The Highway", plus the two numbers mentioned above. Emanuele - Manny as he is affectionately known - was back on stage at the end of a very entertaining evening with two more numbers much appreciated by a larger-than-expected audience on such a sweltering night. Thank you, Manny, for two excellent sets and knowing that you're fairly local we do hope to see you more often either as a Jammer or Houseband guest.

Once again we were treated to an appearance by bassist-vocalist Dave Stein who played a fine set accompanied by Dave Mason, Reg Patten and Richard Stenhouse - amazing to see Dave play a "stick" which sounded like an authentic double-bass! We were also pleased to see Dave back on stage supporting Simon Durham along with Kevin O'Brien and Marc Turner - although Simon was somewhat naughty by not informing his fellow band members what he was playing nor what keys they were supposed to be played in!

Another memory from our days at The C&H was Bo, who put in a good show along with Ray Miller, Tony Myers, Marc Turner and our host/bass-player Dave Thomas.

Dave Thomas stayed on stage to sing a few numbers on the penultimate jam-set, he was joined by harpist Ned Phillips, Reg Patten plus Tony Myers and Richard Stenhouse.

The final jam-set of the evening saw the first time appearance of Aaron Curtis and Max Edwards at our new venue - good to see you guys and we hope to see you more often. As Max was a late-comer we were unable to give him a vocal set of his own, but despite our earlier closing time of 11.00pm we were still able to allocate our Jammers three numbers per set with most of them getting second helpings.

Another extremely entertaining evening of a very high standard was enjoyed by all with a marked improvement of the acoustics very much helped by everyone keeping a restraint on the volume - so a big round of applause to all our Jammers. Time to call...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Gtr+Vocals - Simon Durham and Aaron Curtis
  • Bass+Vocals - Dave Stein and Dave Thomas
  • Harp+Vocals - Bo
  • Harp - Ned Phillips
  • Guitar - Dave Mason, Richard Stenhouse, Kevin O'Brien, Ray Miller and Tony Myers
  • Bass - Max Edwards
  • Drums - Marc Turner and Reg Patten

There's more of it than you might think! In addition to the spaces at the front, there are more to be found if you drive up the alley on the right-hand side of the building and continue on.

Still no mp3s for the time being I'm afraid, but there are plenty of videos from every week's jam on Ernie King's YouTube channel (see below). My thanks also to Ernie King and Richard Stenhouse for their much needed assistance in setting up and packing away the equipment. Thanks and appreciation also to the Missus for arranging the jam-sets and taking photos while not forgetting Dave Thomas for hosting so admirably!

One other person I must mention is our barmaid Ann, who keeps us supplied with refreshments throughout the evening - incidentally, she is quoted as expressing how much she enjoys the music and company each week. Clearly she has good taste!

Next week at Leytonstone Blues Jam:

I'll be pleased to see John Crowther being re-united with his fellow St Harmonica's Blues Club organiser Dave Thomas. Hopefully they will be joined by Dave's wife Chrissie to give us another great opening set.

Speaking of St Harmonic's Blues Club... On Friday 13th Debbie Bond will be appearing at this very friendly and well-organised venue starting at 8.30pm. For further details of the venue, visit http://www.thevintage.org.uk/st-harmonicas-blues-club.html

Something For The Weekend:

On Saturday 14th July at The Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP two of our old friends, Tim Hill and Eddie Angel, will be guesting with Ronnie Collins' Last Project. 3pm - 6pm, free entry !

Also at The Manor Arms on Sunday 15th July, The Aces covers band are due to be playing in the afternoon (3pm - 6pm) but I suspect this may depend upon the result of the England v Croatia semi-final match. Whatever happens there won't be any shortage of entertainment!

Thanking all our Jammers & Listeners,


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